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  • Precise Prediction of Regional Biomarkers for Clinical Uses

    Algorithm to precisely predict regional accumulation of pathological proteins as a diagnostic tool without PET protocols (Low-Cost/Risk-Free)

  • Compared to other products,
    NeuroXT's NEXT-ATN shows superior amyloid positive prediction accuracy
    and shows excellent performance in tau stage prediction.


  • Companion Diagnostics
    for Alzheimer’s Treatment Suitability

    Patient-specific suitability model via prediction of pathological protein accumulation (Patent Software)

  • We developed a neural connectome-based model of the amyloid/tau pathway that allows different treatment strategies to be used depending on the progress of Alzheimer's in each patient.


  • Synapse Targeted Therapeutics Efficacy Validation

    Multimodal model for quantifying Synaptic Integrity
    in vivo to validate efficacy
    of synapse targeted therapeutics (World’s first)

  • NEXT-S quantifies synaptic durability
    to validate the efficacy of targeted treatments.

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